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publisher Peter Oakes


Front Page Books was launched by Peter Oakes and has published a series of successful sports books.
After starting out his journalistic career on the St. Helens Reporter at the age of 16, the Liverpool-born (1.8.1944) writer has experienced an eventful career.

Initially a feature writer and then TV and Showbusiness Editor of the Sunday People before leaving to set up his own sports’ agency he returned to senior management after being head-hunted to take over as Sports Editor of the Daily Star.

Throughout his life he has also been heavily involved in speedway administration and management, guiding teams under his charge to 17 major titles and also leading the Great Britain international side at Under 21 level.

Because of family health problems he is now concentrating on running Front Page Books, penning weekly columns on speedway and ice hockey in the Daily Star and covering football for both the Sunday Express and Daily Star on Sunday.
He  also writes the Off the Beaten Track column in the sport's leading weekly publication Speedway Star.

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